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Eighth Avenue 487, New York


and Aesthetics

Dialogue38 has designed a second location for the upscale Yu Seafood restaurant that is an ambitious and expansive venture for this established rewined dining brand. Innovation and aesthetics come together in a space that fuses culturally diverse references to create a client experience that is exciting in its luxury and exclusivity while offering a calm oasis from the bustling environment that surrounds it.

Fuses Culturally Diverse

To appeal to the cultural diversity of the location, the design elements reflect a marriage of traditional and modern aesthetics. The space incorporates natural finishes to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A playful school of fish fabricated from laser cut steel and finished with gold leaf adds a touch of elegant whimsy to the dining area. The striking marble bar introduces texture into the space by evoking the imagery of calligraphic brushstrokes. These dynamic elements are balanced by lighting designed to create a soft and layered calm atmosphere that highlights the food on every table. The design also incorporated elements from the original location including a signature 20ft x 20ft coral leaf and lotus shaped chandeliers that pay homage to the other location’s unique live seafood tanks.

Culturally Diverse

The newly opened location in Canada’s premier luxury shopping center offers over 10,000 sq ft of dining space over two floors. The main floor sushi bar and the second floor restaurant area include a patio that overlooks the mall, a large dining room; and two VIP rooms that can be joined to accommodate large groups.


To further draw in clientele unfamiliar with the brand, the feature staircase and upper level patio spaces were specially designed to draw attention and promote the upper level dinning area while maintaining the exclusive air of a luxury experience.